In All Quiet in the Trenches you play a german "Unteroffizier" in World War I, who writes in his diary about the difficult decisions he has to make every day. With the start screen we are currently working on, we would like to put you in this role right away.


This week we created a system, so the soldiers' tents have a new random layout on every ingame day.


Currently working on the design of the trenches on the battlefield.


Before and during World War I, mobile field ovens were used in the field bakery columns. One column had 12 field ovens and was able to bake 23,000 loaves within 24 hours. That was half the daily requirement of an army corps.


Our main characters are modelled individually by hand but for all the NPCs in the distance we now created a set of clothes, faces and bodyshapes and coded a tool to automatically generate new NPCs.


Today we were at the notary and can proudly announce now: We are Totally Not Aliens UG (haftungsbeschränkt) \o/


At the moment I am working on making the game's emotional mood even more expressed in the graphic style

German Dev Days 2018

10. Juni 2018

It’s been two weeks since we attended the GermanDevDays 2018 in Frankfurt, where we publicly presented All Quiet in the Trenches for the first time… […]

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The time a soldier spent on the direct front line was usually short. It ranged from a day to two weeks before the unit was relieved. Therefore in All Quiet in the Trenches, short, threatening phases at the front line alternate with longer, calmer ones in the bivouac.


I've a feeling we're not in peaceful times anymore.


"Soldiers! Stand in a line! We will inspect your IKs today."
With Inverse Kinematics (IKs) we automatically position and rotate the soldiers feet according to an uneven surface. But sometimes the surface is not meant to be stood on...


In the past few weeks, our development has been all about the user interface.


Long time no see. We were busy creating the camp for our game All Quiet in the Trenches and finally wanted to show you a little preview.

Dirty Unity: Move array elements in the inspector

12. März 2019

Hey guys, here comes an introduction to a small series: Dirty Unity, in which I will share small, but handy C# code snippets in the […]

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Vision and Game Loop

3. August 2018

Greetings, fellow humans! In our second blog post I already talked a bit about All Quiet in the Trenches. In this post and the following […]

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All Quiet in the Trenches

11. Mai 2018

“Welcome to 1914, sir. This is your squad. You should try to get to know them, so you understand how to handle everyone, but… better […]

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What I like most about my work are the fascinating facts I learn about the past. While doing my research for the modeling of this bike I learned how often they were used in World War I and that most of them were very similar to the so-called fixies that have recently come back into fashion. These are bicycles with a fixed gear that do not have a freewheel mechanism, so that if you no longer pedal, you automatically brake and can also drive backwards with them.


Some small footage from our current development of the battlefield. Still a lot to do, but it starts to look like warfare.


The field kitchen was used throughout the First World War. It got its nickname "Gulaschkanone" (german for "Goulash Cannon") because it was attached to a limber like a cannon and its black smoke vent was folded back when not in use and thus reminded of a cannon. The field kitchen was fired with all kinds of fuel, preferably wood.


In All Quiet in the Trenches you need to balance between the needs of soldiers and the demands of superiors, between morality and necessity. We designed this user interface indicator to give you a quick overview on what they think of you.


Created some small 3d objects our soldiers can interact with in their shelter based on historical footage.


This week I created modular elements for trees and bushes. I wanted them to look a little bit uncomforting to avoid a "we're all happy boyscouts here"-look but still not too fancy to match the more realistic proportions of camp and soldiers.

All Quiet in the Trenches on!

1. Juli 2018

Fellow humans! There’s news! As if the DevDays hadn’t already been firmly set in our memories as a wonderful experience, they still have more to […]

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We’re Totally Not Aliens!

4. Mai 2018

Greetings, fellow humans! Contrary to some absurd allegations, we’re Totally Not Aliens! After all, who’d give up a perfectly comfortable life on Glarblzork V just […]

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