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We had us checked and can confirm: We are Totally Not Aliens! We’re passionately creating good old video games and are currently working on the game All Quiet in the Trenches an anti-war game in WWI. Stay tuned!


In addition to our blog, we also wanna start showing you our development here again. Most of our work over the last few months has gone into the combat phase. It alternates with the camp phase and serves mainly to illustrate the horror of war and to expose the soldiers to deadly danger. Mechanically, we have touched a lot of areas that we will go into in a future blog post. In addition, the map has been fleshed out more and more. It's designed to offer recognizable locations to enhance the feeling of static battle.

Here’s to a new year 2023!

13. January 2023

It’s been a while since we last told you about our development on this site. A lot has happened since then. We made it safely […]

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In All Quiet in the Trenches you play a german "Unteroffizier" in World War I, who writes in his diary about the difficult decisions he has to make every day. With the start screen we are currently working on, we would like to put you in this role right away.

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