Greetings, fellow human!

We had us checked and can confirm: We are Totally Not Aliens! We’re passionately creating good old video games and are currently working on the game All Quiet in the Trenches an anti-war game in WWI. Stay tuned!


For the creation of our stories we use the opensource narrative scripting language ink by inklestudios. This allows us to easily create very decision-heavy texts including variables and value changes depending on the decisions made.


I was asked to be a member of the DCP jury. Tested a lot of cool games in the last weeks, had a very exciting day at the Hauptjurysitzung in Berlin today and met a lot of nice people :)


The plot in All Quiet in the Trenches is made up of individual small stories in your diary. These are composed depending on previously made decisions, the current circumstances, the personality of your soldiers, their attitude towards you and each other. Thus, each playthrough is different.

Further News