Greetings, fellow human!

We had us checked and can confirm: We are Totally Not Aliens! We’re passionately creating good old video games and are currently working on the game All Quiet in the Trenches an anti-war game in WWI. Stay tuned!


In All Quiet in the Trenches you play a german "Unteroffizier" in World War I, who writes in his diary about the difficult decisions he has to make every day. With the start screen we are currently working on, we would like to put you in this role right away.


The time a soldier spent on the direct front line was usually short. It ranged from a day to two weeks before the unit was relieved. Therefore in All Quiet in the Trenches, short, threatening phases at the front line alternate with longer, calmer ones in the bivouac.


What I like most about my work are the fascinating facts I learn about the past. While doing my research for the modeling of this bike I learned how often they were used in World War I and that most of them were very similar to the so-called fixies that have recently come back into fashion. These are bicycles with a fixed gear that do not have a freewheel mechanism, so that if you no longer pedal, you automatically brake and can also drive backwards with them.

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