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Dev Diary #003

by Totally Not Jenny
8. January 2024

After the demo, we have spent the last few months focussing fully on the Early Access of our game All Quiet in the Trenches.


The Steam Next Fest took place at the beginning of October and it was a very exciting experience for us. Over 6000 people played our demo and we received a lot of good feedback and encouragement from you. A big thank you for that! Over the next few weeks, we fixed a few bugs based on all the feedback from the demo and have already been able to implement some of the feedback, like the most frequently mentioned too small settings menu or the option to change the cursor size so that our game can also be played comfortably on the Steam Deck.


Some missing features were added to the game in November, such as hand grenades and the surrender of soldiers. We also expanded the areas on our battlefield to ensure a larger playable map. We plan to further develop these during Early Access. We have also added more projects to the trench phase.


Based on the expanded battle areas, during December we implemented various scenarios that can occur randomly after the introductory battles. The missing season Winter has been added and the pool of possible soldiers has been expanded by two more: Linnecke and Mayel. In addition, an FAQ section has been added to the All Quiet in the Trenches homepage. Feel free to have a look!

We are very much looking forward to our Early Access release on 17 January 2024 and are eagerly awaiting your feedback. Early Access will cover the first year of the game – roughly from spring 1915 to spring 1916. In the course of further development, we plan to add the following years (until the end of the war in November 1918), minor adjustments and additional content to the game.

We have also made a new Early Access trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here:

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