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Dev Diary #002

by Totally Not Jenny
7. October 2023

Our last few months have been all about our All Quiet in the Trenches demo for Steam Next Fest, which takes place next week from 9/10/2023 to 16/10/2023. Feel free to check out our Steampage during this time and get the free demo.


In July, we completely revised the game’s starting point. Instead of starting with a troop that has already been at war for some time, the game now starts in May 1915 with the arrival of your troop in the trenches. This game entry will also be the content of our demo.


August was mainly a time of fine-tuning for us, called polishing in game development. Outdated icons were revised, bugs were fixed, texts were adjusted, placeholder graphics were replaced and we checked everything again to see if anything was missing or outdated over the years of development and no longer fitted in with the rest of the game.


This polishing phase extended into September. In addition, we added a tutorial to the game in September and optimised the performance of the game in various places so that the demo hopefully runs smoothly on as many devices as possible. In the course of this, we also added graphics settings for older hardware.

We are very excited to see how you like the demo. This is the first time that we have a publicly available demo of the game. Please let us hear your feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t like, where there were bugs and what you would like to see in Early Access. Send us your feedback preferably via Discord or the Steam forum. Have fun with the demo!

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