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Dev Diary #001

by Totally Not Jenny
11. July 2023

It’s already been a few years since we started developing All Quiet in the Trenches – the first game by our indie studio Totally Not Aliens. Now we are approaching the Early Access release with great strides. A free demo will be playable at the Steam Next Fest in October 2023.

In the meantime, we will continue to work diligently on the game, will provide you with regular updates, and look forward to everyone joining us on our journey this year and beyond.


In April 2023, we launched our Steam page and are very happy with how positively the game has been received by you. We also created a TikTok account in April and started telling people about our game and explaining the main features of the game in short videos.

Also in April, we added weather effects to the game, which give the game visual variety as well as having an impact on the gameplay (mood of the soldiers, harvest of the nearby French village, …).


In May, we redesigned the camp where our own soldiers are stationed alongside other German troops when they are not in the trenches. The most important thing for us here was to emphasise the military nature of this camp and to position the various places that can be interacted with more clearly.

In addition, the hospital received a complete redesign, new objects, animations and significantly more space in order to be able to visually depict the workload of the hospital.


The gameplay in All Quiet in the Trenches was always intended to alternate between three game phases – the camp, the battle, and the stationing in the trenches. However, the latter had not yet been implemented, which we finally did in June. For this, we designed a suitable environment and created new animations.

Furthermore, we registered All Quiet in the Trenches for the Steam Next Fest in October and in the course of this we revised the Steam page and recorded a new gameplay teaser.

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