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Feedback Indie Outpost

by Totally Not Jenny
10. May 2023

On April 22nd, we organised an Indie Outpost in Bamberg for the first time together with Lagarde1 and Crayon Games. Many thanks again to both of them.

The event was surprisingly well attended with 56 participants. Beforehand, we had invited all of them to give a short talk on a game-related topic of their choice. This resulted in a nice and interesting mix of presentations. Thanks again to the fantastic speakers: Bernd Bullnheimer from Main Connect, Marius Raab from the Department of General Psychology and Methodology at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, our crew member Alex Elsäßer, Paul Redetzky from emergo Entertainment, Gerrit Wendland from Crayon Games and Björn Sagmeister.

Afterwards, we asked for feedback and would like to share this with you below.

The length and number of presentations seem to have been well received and we will try to do the same next time. The Saturday evening was also confirmed by a large majority, so we will stay with it. The diverse mix of scientific topics and insights into game development was positively emphasised.

In addition, many wished for the presentation of unfinished projects, prototypes or ideas and the opportunity to support them with their own feedback. We liked this very much, as it underlines the community character of the Indie Outpost once again and we would like to support this very much. So everyone is cordially invited to present unfinished, unpolished projects or simply project ideas at the next Bamberg Outpost and to get help from the community.

Another frequently expressed wish was to set up a corner with board games, space for your own prototypes and “Talk to me about…” signs in order to have an easy place to talk and get together after the presentations and to be able to organise topics such as joint drawing rounds or similar. We also find these ideas very supportworthy and want to include them in the next Outpost.

Other topic requests for the coming Outposts were: Technical innovations/special features and experiences with them, GameArt, UI, Elevator Pitches, problem analyses, balancing, monetisation, promotion, marketing, statistics, stumbling blocks and further scientific studies.

Here we are again depending on you. If you are familiar with one of these topics or know people who are, please get in touch. Of course, this also applies to other games-related topics that you find interesting for the group or that you would like to talk about.

The next outpost in Bamberg is expected to take place in December 2023. In the meantime, anyone who feels like going to another outpost is very welcome at one of the other locations: indieoutpost.org The next one is at the Künstlerhaus in Nuremberg on July 3, 23 at 6 p.m. In addition there’s a Game Camp in Bayreuth on September 30th and October 1st. This is a meeting with open lectures and workshops, the content and schedule of which are developed by the participants themselves at the beginning of each day and shaped later on. We’ve taken part in a few game camps in Munich and we’ve always liked them really much, so we won’t miss out on that one and are happy to take anyone with us who would like to join.

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