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The Bivouac

by Totally Not Jenny
4. February 2023

In All Quiet in the Trenches you spend most of your time in the bivouac – a military camp where your soldiers can recover from the stress and danger of battles and the gruelling time in the trenches. This is the place where you get to know your soldiers, manage your resources and distribute work projects.

Besides your soldiers, the bivouac contains multiple other troops and the following NPCs:

Ludwig von Karrsbruck

Lieutenant Ludwig von Karrsbruck is your direct superior. He passes on the orders of the major to you. In order to achieve his ambitious goals, he demands a lot from you – regardless whether meeting these demands is possible or not.

Friedrich Hennek

The logistics officer Friedrich Hennek is the military administrator in charge of supplies. Doing jobs for him usually awards prestige or provision. He has most necessities in store – more food, new uniforms etc. – but getting them from him will almost always come with a cost.

Marianne Laroche

The village elder Madame Marianne Laroche represents the french civilians of the nearby village. Through her, you can build a relationship with the civilians and may eventually build a mutually beneficial cooperation. Or you may choose to take advantage of them and take their food, confirming their image of you…

Anton Zielinski

The cook Anton Zielinski is the one who hands out the rations to your soldiers. Changing rations is done by talking to him. He takes pride in providing for his fellow soldiers, but since there’s few people who know the limitations of the supply situation better than him, he’s also the one to advise you on how to budget them best. Zielinski is still very young and happy to have been accepted into the cook company.

Elisabeth Ritter

The nurse Elisabeth Ritter takes care of the wounded soldiers together with a team of other nurses. Therefore, she’ll often be part of stories and dialogues centered around injuries and illnesses. She has a good heart and is always concerned about your soldiers but also understands that there’s only so much she can do with the limitations of a field hospital.

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