Greetings, fellow human!

We had us checked and can confirm: We are Totally Not Aliens! We’re passionately creating good old video games and are currently working on our first independent game - All Quiet in the Trenches. Stay tuned!


Dirty Unity: Move array elements in the inspector

12. März 2019

Hey guys, here comes an introduction to a small series: Dirty Unity, in which I will share small, but handy C# code snippets in the […]

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Vision and Game Loop

3. August 2018

Greetings, fellow humans! In our second blog post I already talked a bit about All Quiet in the Trenches. In this post and the following […]

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All Quiet in the Trenches on!

1. Juli 2018

Fellow humans! There’s news! As if the DevDays hadn’t already been firmly set in our memories as a wonderful experience, they still have more to […]

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